Hydraulic Union

Hydraulic Union

Hydraulic Bulkhead Elbow

Hydraulic Bulkhead Elbow

Hydraulic PMSC

Hydraulic Parallel Male Stud Coupling

Hydraulic swivel connector

Hydraulic swivel connector

Hydraulic union fittings

Hydraulic union fittings

Hydraulic Swivel Tee

Hydraulic Swivel Tee

Swivel Elbow

Hydraulic Swivel Elbow




Hydrofit Engineers offer high pressure HYDRAULIC FITTINGS which are made as per DIN 2353 standards and the relevant Indian Standards.   These are high pressure Hydraulic fittings which are used in a hydraulic system or ciruit and connect various parts of the system to each other in conjuntion with Seamless Hydraulic Tubes as per DIN 2391 ST 35 standards

The Fittings include the following products :

Equal Straight Union

Equal Elbow Union

Equal Tee Union

Equal Cross Union

Bulkhead Union

Parallel Male Stud Coupling

Parallel Male Stud Elbow

Parallel Male Stud Tee

Parallel Run Tee

Banjo Coupling

Banjo Tee Coupling

Weld coupling

The size ranges from 4mm OD to 42mm OD in the standard range and from 48mm OD to 90 mm OD to the special range of fittings.

The standard range of fittings i.e upto 42mm are generally offered in ferrule type, though Weld nipple also can be used for all the sizes but the special size range i.e. from 48mm OD to 90mm OD are offered with Weld Nipples because due to the large OD size of the tube, the ferrule may not bite properly onto the tube thereby creating a weak joint and hence Weld nipple design would be more reliable and absolutely safe.

The following ranges are offered as per pressure :

LL – Extra light series

L – Light series

S or H – Heavy Series

All the fittings are trivalent zinc plated while the weld nipple are black phosphated.